Missed Appt Policy

Missed Appointment Policy

Effective January 1, 2009

The Fredericksburg and Jonestown Health Centers make every effort to inform you of upcoming scheduled appointments.  We attempt to call the day before your appointment as a courtesy call to remind you of the date and time of the appointment.  Sometimes we are unable to talk to you, most times we are leaving messages on your answering machines.  If you have a cell phone number please inform the front office personnel, they will note this in your patient information and we will attempt to contact you via your cell phone.

We do our best to accommodate all of our patients by seeing them in a timely manner.  When patients don’t arrive for appointments that we reserve for them, we miss an opportunity to serve another patient that needs care.  We are currently seeing an increase in the amount of “Missed appointments”, which is why we are making changes to our ”Missed Appointment Policy”.

  1.  Appointments must be canceled/rescheduled 4 hours prior to your appointment or you will  be considered a “Missed Appointment”.
  2.  If you do not keep the appointment that you made for the same day you will be charged a routine office visit for the missed appointment.
  3. If you have had 3 missed appointments in the past 2 years, you or your family member on the same account will result in being charged a routine office visit. Your provider will be informed and you will risk being dismissed from the practice.

It is our desire to serve "All" of our patients to the best of our ability, in order to do this, we as healthcare providers and you as patients must work together. (“WE” to be here to serve our patients and “YOU” as the patient to arrive for the apointment that you have scheduled.)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Fredericksburg and Jonestown Health Centers