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Flu Shot Clinics Are As Follows:

Tuesday October 8th at the Fredericksburg Location 7:30am-11:30am

Wednesday October 9th at the Jonestown Location 1pm-4:30pm

No Appt necessary.....quick in and out!

If you participate with Vaccine for Children, please call ahead.

It's Back to School Time!  Start the Day right with a healthy  breakfast!  Over 25% of the population skips breakfast which leads to brain fog, irritability and tiredness, don't let that be you!

Don't forget to include Dairy!

Parents of young children and teens,  Call in now to get your child's well visit, school or sports physical scheduled.   Regular well child visits promote wellness, reduce ER visits and provide an opportunity to discuss developmental milestones,  social behaviors and learning.  The Summer hours are the perfect time to 'catch up' and have all the requirements met for the upcoming school year, and also preventing needing to take off school to meet these requirements.  Schedule now to avoid scheduling conflicts later!


Flu Season is fast approaching!

Get your flu shots now at one of our walk in clinics:

Fredericksburg Office: Tuesday, October  2, 2018  8am-11am
Wednesday, November  7, 2018. 1pm-3pm

Jonestown Office: Thursday, October, 4, 2018  8am-11am
Wednesday, October  31, 2018. 1pm -3pm


Proudly Independently Owned by our Physicians.

Spring has Sprung!

~ Basic's for Summer and Warm Weather

-Don't forget the Sunscreen,  prevent skin cancers.

-Stay hydrated.  If out in the hot sun, pack plenty of water to prevent dehydration.  Even slight dehydration can cause fatigue, malaise and confusion.

-Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.  Take advantage of your local farmers market and buy local.

-Get out and get moving.  Go for a walk,  throw a frisbee,  ride a bike! But don't forget the water!

-Wear your sunglasses.  Don't forget about your eyes. Keep them protected from cataract formation and other sun damage.



The PATIENT PORTAL is available for all of our providers except Susanna Shuey PA-C.   Ask our staff about setting up your patient portal.  You can request refills, send messages to your provider, and get return messages and health information all from your e-mail.

Five Minutes Or Less For Health (tips updated weekly)